Pac City offers different options for you to encounter God’s power and presence as well as learn to discern and recognize God’s voice. Our hope is that each day you would grow more confident in how you hear from God which will significantly impact your life and your community.



Co-Lab worship nights are monthly experience with the Holy Spirit in prayer and worship. Everybody is welcome to attend and refresh themselves with other followers of Jesus.



We believe God still speaks and does so in a wide variety of ways to all who will listen.  We practice a Biblically grounded, community based approach to discerning God's voice.  We will provide training courses to explore how God uniquely relates to each of us and regular opportunities to sharpen our senses when we gather as a church and as we seek to partner with Him in the work of blessing others.



We are building prayer curriculum for the prayer ministry team and all church members. Our goal is to equip as many people as possible to hear God's voice and partner effectively with the Holy Spirit in prayer for others. Curriculum will be compatible with LP Workshop, include a community group basics of prayer curriculum, and a monthly prayer ministry training class.