We believe that we are better together and that we need each other to reach our full potential. Nowhere is that more important for followers of Jesus than in a place like Los Angeles.  Everything we do in our lives wants to capture your time, energy, and affections.  Being connected into a strong ecosystem of groups and friendships is essential for developing a growing relationship with God.

Pac City has community groups of all types throughout Los Angeles. These groups are a great way to make new friends, build relationships, and practice our faith with other people. Our community groups vary from season to season and will offer a number of open groups that you can join at any time. We offer:

Family Community Groups
Men’s Community Groups
Women’s Community Groups
Co-Ed Community Groups
Study Groups
Book Clubs



We want you to belong here with our church no matter how long you are in Los Angeles. You can join a Serve Team with other community members.  We have multiple teams that will deploy your gifts and serve the community. Join us and grow in service and ministry.  Want to get started?  Click below to see all the opportunities and to let us know how we can help to get you connected.